Sunday, August 26, 2012

Razzle Dazzle is in the House!

Graduation Day!

We just completed 11 days of training at 4 Paws for Ability in Xenia, Ohio to get Ethan's new service dog. That handsome guy on the left is Ethan's dad and the one in the center is the college student (Miami University) who fostered Dazzler when she was a pup. She was so surprised and thrilled to see him that day!

The look on my face is one of amazement as Ethan gives Daz a hug. The first few days of class, Ethan seemed to be afraid and overwhelmed by her. She is only 11 months old and though highly trained and obedient, she's not a robot. She has lots of energy and a very upbeat sweet attitude, not to mention a wiggly tail! Her wet nose and kisses were a bit much for Ethan as well. But by the end, Ethan was pretty enthralled and giving hugs.

We were filmed and interviewed for a local news story during training, so here is a link to the video. Rich and I were pleased with how it turned out, in spite of the fact that it was done at a time when we were both at our most exhausted point of the training!

The 4 Paws staff are so incredibly talented and professional. The families we met during the training were such wonderful people, too. It was an amazing experience and we couldn't be more grateful.

We'd like to thank the Erma A. Bantz Foundation in Cincinnati, Ohio for giving us the scholarship that provided Dazzler. Words really can't convey our gratitude. Our lives are forever changed and a sweet chocolate lab will forever be cherished.

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Waiting for Dazzler

Meet Dazzler! She's a chocolate lab born 9-1-2011 and she has been fostered by loving people at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio as well as trained by the people at 4 Paws and has also spent time in training via their prison program.

We go to meet her and start our 10 day training on Aug. 14. We'll spend the entire day, for 10 straight days, working with Daz and the lead trainer at 4 Paws, then we get to bring our girl home for good!

We've been getting really excited about this lately; having a name and a face to look at really has made the anticipation for this even more incredible. I haven't felt this way since I was a young child on Christmas Eve. Ethan is also happy. He has been saying "Ethan's new brown dog" and has even been practicing saying her name. Our backyard is getting fenced in this week and we've got a crate and dog bed as well as food bowls all ready to go.

We love and adore her already!