Monday, March 12, 2012

Happy Hearing Boy

Ethan is so happy! He has only been hearing with his new ear for a few weeks and we've seen really exciting changes on a daily basis. After just one mapping session he has tested down to a mild hearing loss in the booth. He is loving music and listens to it daily. He puts himself to sleep and wakes up singing his favorite songs. He has far fewer meltdowns and is generally much happier throughout the day. He is making more connections with language in context than we have ever seen before. He's doing really well at school and takes his weekly spelling test by hearing rather than by using his interpreter. She is still there for him, but he has chosen not to watch her during those tests and has been scoring really well on them without that extra support. Everyone who works with him is simply amazed by how well he is doing. His audiologist said "If I were the type of person who jumped up and down and yelled with excitement, that's what I'd be doing right now." He's the mellow and reserved type, but even he can hardly believe how well Ethan is doing.

It's hard to believe that he spent most of his kindergarten year being completely deaf. Going back to hearing has been a snap for him and his SLP at Children's feels very strongly that he's an auditory learner. No one is suggesting that he doesn't still require an interpreter, but everyone is saying how exciting it has been to see him make this huge leap.

Meanwhile, we are being billed for the Ci surgery. Our insurance company doesn't want to pay it and we're hoping that we can get Cochlear Corp. to pay since it was their fault that the device failed to begin with. It's a lot of money, enough to buy a house. I hate that we have to deal with this, but the fact that Ethan is thriving as a result of that surgery makes the red tape mess totally worthwhile.