Saturday, December 19, 2009

One foot forward.

I was just going through the archives to sift through and delete some comments, thanks to some Asian sex shop that has somehow ended up using this space for advertisement. I didn't have word verification turned on for the comments, so hopefully by doing so, I'll be able to divert those rude little bots from spitting on my blog.

It seems that I've only been posting here once a month for quite a few months running. It's basically not out of a lack of things to write about, rather a statement of just how stressful and chaotic Ethan's world has been. Our summer was miserable, then he seemed to be doing well in school in September, but has been spiraling downward since October. He is still hitting the children in his classroom and that has been pretty difficult for everyone. We've started working with a child psychologist, but there simply isn't much positive reporting to be done at this time.

Ethan has been diagnosed with autism. November 14 was the magical day that I sat in a small room with a young woman who rattled on about his IQ and all of his other troubling behaviors. It was, and remains to be, very depressing. I have long suspected autism, but somehow hearing it was like a sucker punch to the nose, then the gut, then the groin...

So anyway! I am just letting you all know, that we're having a tough time and thus we aren't really putting much "out there" for now, but I am hopeful that things will turn around and that we'll start making our way back to what was our "normal". Hell, maybe I'll even start taking pictures of Ethan again.

Until then, I should say that we are really looking forward to seeing our families over the holidays and bathing in their love and support as it has carried us to this point and will bring us through whatever is going on now. We have much to be thankful for and we never lose sight of that, even when times are tough.

Happy Holidays.