Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Summer Be Gone!

Ethan and dad at the zoo.

What a summer! 

It has really flown by and I have to say that I couldn't be happier to see it come to an end. I never thought I'd utter those words, but it is what it is. I broke my toe and couldn't exercise, Ethan lost his glasses and waited 2 weeks to get a new pair, and Richard's work kept him away from home most of the summer. In the meantime, Ethan fine-tuned his tantrum-torture-technique while his acid reflux churned up enough to prevent either of us from ever having a good night's sleep. 

Now for some good news! 

Ethan turned 4 years old yesterday. It was also his first day back to preschool. Big day for a little guy! I made gluten-free casein-free orange creme cupcakes that were a much bigger hit than last year's gfcf carrot cake. Ethan actually opened  birthday presents (in previous years he has not had the attention or interest in unwrapping gifts) and seemed to understand that this was a special day. It was pretty cool to see him show an interest in the celebration. It's as if he is starting to make connections where before there were none. 

Digging into the birthday cupcake!

I think he likes it!

More, please!

Our summer was also filled with the routine appointments with all of his specialists, as well as the diagnostic process for ASD (autism spectrum disorder). We are only half-way through the process (the waiting list is HUGE) but so far I haven't heard anything surprising. The SLP said she would need to tally scores, but she generally observed several autistic features and also saw many signs that were encouraging. I've noticed that SLP's are usually really good at tempering difficult news with as many positive statements as possible, as if they have a minor in psychology. There are reasons to feel encouraged, but I've got a kid with multiple communication disorders and I've been around long enough to sense straight talk from being "handled" and there is often a good deal of handling going on. I'll take my hard news on the rocks, please. 

(I'm telling you, this summer really threw my mental health to the curb!)

I'm looking forward to having Rich home more this fall and hiring a sitter on the weekends so that he and I can get much needed time together. I also start working on the FAC (family advisory council) with Children's soon and will be active this year in a parent support group for children with apraxia. I'm committing to another year of ASL classes as well. 

Life moves at lightning speed doesn't it?