Wednesday, July 08, 2009

ER Boy


I think I've mentioned that Ethan has been having some temper tantrums lately. Sunday morning he lost mind when he realized that there was no chance that his broken banana could be put back together. I turned my back on him (in part to ignore the behavior) to get his "ears" so I could attempt to talk some sense into him, but it was too late. In a fit of rage he broke a water glass that had been on the kitchen counter. I found him sitting in a puddle of water and broken glass with blood dripping from his wrist. Living 5 minutes from the Children's Hospital ER is about the coolest move we've ever made. 

So to keep Ethan happy while we waited for the bleeding to stop, the nurse wheeled in this toy from Child Life that was much like taking a stroll down the isles of Spencer Gifts in the mall. The thing also had a video projector on the very top that projected a rotating image on the wall or ceiling, depending on where you pointed it. 

He is fine. He didn't need stitches so they just cleaned it and glued it shut with Derma-bond. 

Also related to the Children's Hospital is the news that I will be part of the Family Advisory Council starting this fall. It's a 2 year commitment to attend monthly meetings and do committee work. The FAC has a history of working on meaningful projects with the staff at the hospital and I am really looking forward to being involved and supporting the place that has done so much for our family. Big thanks to my friend Michael for the encouragement!