Saturday, April 18, 2009

Dad Magic

Well, first off, this will be an unusual post. This is the Dad of the household; I don't run this blog and though I've been asked to contribute many times by Hetha, it has just always seemed to me that she does a fine job without me. But on a rarest of rare weekend, she is away in New Mexico with her girlfriends and left Ethan and Dad here to run the show. A text message she just sent (as she left a Japanese spa) says she's "having the time of her life." It just seems if there were a time for Dad to put up a post, this would be it.

If nothing else, Hetha complained about no pictures, everyone's asking for more and I just took a bunch today. We went to one of Ethan's favorite playgrounds and he continues to amaze me with his strength, improved balance and mostly, determination. This kid climbs anything. So a monkey bar arched stairway to a spiral slide with a trapeze bar that he can swing out 10 feet in the air? Perfect!

Ethan played outside almost all day today in beautiful weather. Much of the day is just spent doing the "circuit," a brick path we have around the house that he loves to run around. As if built specifically to suit his physical therapy needs, the path has a series of gradually inclining or declining brick platforms requiring him to step up or down in an inconsistently sized series of steps. I've watched him run around this since the weather has gotten better and I feel it's really doing him some good. While I worked in the beds around the house today, Ethan got his workout.

Our "Dad Magic Weekend" started with me picking him up a half-hour late from school as it seemed he would appreciate the chance to hang out with his "girlfriends." When I picked him up, his girlfriend Laurel interrogated me about Hetha's whereabouts. "Where's Ethan's mom? What trip? Why? What girlfriends? When will she be back?" What a riot. Mac-Daddy Magic is funny.

And don't ask me why or how, but the Dad Magic does indeed continue. I got a good sleep out of him last night with him staying in his own bed all night. He awoke 3-4 times between 11:30am and 2:30am with none of them overly problematic, then slept until 8:30am this morning. In fact, I decided tonight that when I started this post, I had him tuckered out enough (not that that logic used to work) that by the time I finished it, I will have triumphed and he would be asleep. I feel almost guilty to even think such a thing, which just 2-3 weeks ago would have been ludicrous; after all that Heather has suffered as we've wrestled with this problem. But...the power of dad magic prevails. Let's just hope we're truly turning a corner there. If not, I guess it's just more much-needed spa trips for Heather.

This is Rich, "Dad Magic", signing out.


Cheryl said...

You not only have Dad Magic, but Husband Magic too! Having Heather go away to Spa and have some girlfriend time, is such wonderful thing. I'm so happy for her!

From the great photos (yes we were missing those photo updates) it looks like dad and Ethan time has been a lot of fun!

Thanks for updating and posting the picutures. That is one handsome little man you have there!

Kyla said...

It sounds like a great weekend for you boys AND Heather! That is wonderful! And the sleep stuff? True magic.

Lucas'Mommy said...

Dad magic occurs around here too... Lucas is always exhausted after playtime with Daddy!

leah said...

What great dad-and-son time! And wow- look at that upper body strength! Playgrounds are great things. Let's hope that dad magic works over the long term so that everyone gets a little more sleep!

Kristina White said...

What great photos! Glad Ethan is not noticing all the "therapy" he is getting while having fun. I hope Ethan has turned a corner on the sleep .... it gives me hope that Emma will eventually sleep at night!


Mrs. Chicken said...

I love this post! Dad Magic, indeed. Now, can you please convince MY husband that I need a weekend away with friends at a spa?

Because THAT? Would be real magic.

tammy said...

Looks and sounds like you two had a great boys time! And a mom's weekend away truly is refreshing and magical! I'm going to try some dad magic in a couple weeks as I head off for some girlfriend R&R too! Gotta love that "dad magic"!

Aliki2006 said...

Sounds like a wonderful Dad Magic time...and I'm glad Heather is enjoying herself.

Alex Davis said...

Heather had a fabulous weekend in Santa Fe, and I've got the pictures to prove it!

Thanks to all of you who have supported and cheered for my amazing superhero of a friend. I am so proud of her, Rich and Ethan that I could burst.

KC said...

Dad Magic? Awesome.

Loved reading this, Rich!

She said...

Awesome! I love Santa Fe.

Also, that boy is too cute for words, but then again, you two know that already! :-)