Sunday, January 18, 2009

Pics of the Place

The backyard

View of backyard  from deck

The toy room in our basement

More toy room

The craft table in the toy room

Can you tell we really like the toy room? I love it because I'm the type of personality that craves order (just like David!) and having Ethan's toys strewn all over the house has always been an "issue" for me. I compulsively pick up after him and in so doing, he hasn't learned to do so for himself. Having a room in the basement where he can make messes is good for all of us. Though I guess these pictures aren't really showing much of a mess. It's a sickness, what more can I say?

I've had the unreal pleasure of reconnecting with my two best friends from childhood. I found them (or they found me) on Facebook and we quickly realized that we live very close. One friend is only 3 miles away and the other is 9 miles from us. It's amazing seeing them again and picking up so easily after 23 years! 

Another odd coincidence that I haven't mentioned is the connection we found with the original home owner and his realtor. He has a daughter who is now a pediatric audiologist. She was delighted to hear that a little boy with cochlear implants was moving into her childhood home. To top it off, we found out at the closing that his realtor is on the board of a local nonprofit that raises money for deaf education! 

I don't actually believe in coincidences though :-)

----------Edited to Add----------
And we found another babysitter online who A) Happens to be an interpreter for deaf children and B) Lives really close to us, like a mile or something! HOW CRAZY IS THAT PEOPLE?


flutter said...

look how wonderful!

Dave said...

Yes I love the order of the toy room! I love the house period!
Amazing back yard.
Great shot of my buddy putting the craft table in order.



Cheryl said...

The pictures are great. I love your backyard and the views. The toy room is perfect. Lots of room and lots of storage. I remember how important that was to me, when the girls had toys with so many pieces and parts.

So glad you connected with old friends. I'm finding the same type of thing with Facebook. Hey, look me up, we can be buddies!!

That is wild about the previous home owner and the realtor. Everything happens for a reason or as a fellow blogger always says, "there are no accidents."

I'm so thrilled for you all.

She said...

I love your backyard! Wow! It's beautiful!

And that room with the built-in shelves is awesome!

And that little boy is cuter than cute!

Glad all is going well!

Kyla said...

That looks PERFECT! And what luck with the sitter!

KC said...

Gorgeous gorgeous house and views! Wow.

And SCORE on that babysitter. Dude. Score. Time to have a night on the town!

Aliki2006 said...

I love that backyard! And the toy room, too. I'm like you, I crave order as well!

Don Mills Diva said...

What a gorgeous house - I love how the stars are all aligning for you.

Kristina White said...

I love the photos! The house seems like a dream for your family. I love how you also have some friends close by. That will make things so much nicer for you! It's further proof to me that God does provide what we need when we need it!

Also, I didn't know you are on Facebook. You can look me up if you want another friend on there - I'm listed as Kristina Sheedy White.


leahlefler said...

Wow- talk about a lot of great things coming together at once! And your backyard is beautiful with the path through the woods. Ethan is going to love playing there in the summer! I need some built-in bookcases like you have in the basement. We could use a little more order.

Julie said...

Thank. You. God!

I haven't checked in for awhile and what a "perfect storm" of good news!

So very happy for you :0)


Ellen said...

Hi, Hetha. That is one magical looking backyard! And what a great playroom. And, what a cute boy Ethan is! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Our kids may have different issues, but there are clearly common bonds you have with other parents when you're dealing with kids who have special needs. Hope to keep connecting--