Sunday, July 27, 2008

Breaking Through

Blueberry Addict.

a few days ago I wrote:
"Ethan has always been a very resistant eater. He doesn't eat fresh vegetables, fruits, pasta, rice, or anything creamy."
Ethan has been remarkably hungry and interested in food for the past several days. He is a new boy this week. I don't know how long it will last, or if it's here to stay, but the child is blowing me away with his desire to eat all the time and to try new things.

We were dining on some delicious Korean food last night, when Ethan decided to try eggs for the first time. It was fried egg with beef and green onions minced up in the mixture. Today he ate (and loved) red plums. He's also been inhaling watermelon and blueberries.

Could his sensory stuff be improving?
Or even his overall digestion? Or is it just some weird phase, the likes of which we've never seen? Could it just be that he is finally beating the psychological game?

I have never been able to get him to drink a smoothie, but today he had several sips of his rice milk and blueberry smoothie.

This evening he ate chicken! That was going down the hatch just fine until he saw the bacon. He is "the Baconator" after all.

This is awesome, this feeling of comfort you get when you see your child eat normally. I'm feeling really optimistic and grateful at the moment.


flutter said...

I could just eat him. I am so glad he is doing well

Jason said...

Those blueberries are some powerful medicine Hetha...

A mildly amusing anecdote - when Tom was around one, his cousin George, who was about seven and not a big fan of anything that wasn't a pizza or chips, watched agog as Tom wolfed down tomatoes.

'He won't like them when he knows what they're called' was George's confident prediction.

Kyla said...

Way to go, Ethan! I'm way impressed!!

Laurie said...

Maybe E-boy is going through a growth spurt. . . take advantage of it! My kids always claimed they didn't like tomatoes but they were the ones who came walking up to the house from my garden with tomato juice and seeds dripping down their chins and shirts after eating all of my cherry tomatoes!

I am cooking with a new cookbook called "Deceptively Delicious" where you make all these different vegetable and fruit purees and mix them in the food. Made some delicious brownies with spinach puree hidden in them and no one could tell! You might try that. Then mealtimes won't be a battle zone and you can all relax, knowing that your children are eating their fruits and vegetables. You can even mix squash or sweet puree into macaroni and cheese! And make homemade ketchup, etc. Check it out!

I love reading your posts!

Mom to Toes said...

That is amazing! You must be having a blast trying all the new foods on him.

Watermelon is a staple in our house. It is one of the only fruits Toes will eat - and she won't touch vegetables. We even buy the itty bitty ones that are available in the winter. Crazy expensive, but, hey! If it gets her to eat melon, I'm all for it! ;)

slouching mom said...

oh i KNOW.

after dealing with Ten, who to this day eats NOTHING, Six was such a joy, because he ate! With gusto!

(And blueberries are Six's favorite food. Mine, too.)

marylee said...


Aliki2006 said...

Hooray! It is a wonderful feeling to see them eat right, and to know they are filling up on good food.

Tell Ethan to send some of that appetite L.'s way!

Beck said...

Good job, sweet boy.

Anonymous said...

My blueberry bushes are just starting to ripen. I wish I could park E-boy next to them and let him go to town.

I have plenty of apples too. Made a great pie the other day. Wish you all were here to lounge by the pool and eat pie.


Eileen said...

YAH!! This is really exciting and I hope he continues on this path. It sounds like he will, once he discovers all these wonderful treasure, there is no going back.

I am still struggling with this with my 13 year old. It is so hard and frustating. I am celebrating with you.

jen said...

way to go, E. way to go.

leahlefler said...

You may have a little foodie there! I'm glad the world of food is opening up to him- it must make your job as Family Chef a little easier!

KC said...

Blueberries are kid crack.

Glad you have an addict on your hands.

When are you coming to visit me????

La La said...

Wonderful! I'm so glad he's eating!

Go, E-boy!

eda said...