Saturday, June 07, 2008

New Firehouse!

Ethan's Grandma was here this week for several days and she brought her boy a really cool new toy. It's a Fire Station!

This looks like he is signing "light", but he's starting to do his own signs for things and the signs that we recognize sometimes look a little sloppy. It's his version of slang I guess.

We have been talking a lot about creative play lately. It's a major force in a child's life in terms of language development and one of Ethan's therapists is concerned over the lack of this type of play in his daily routine. Ethan's toys seem so goal oriented (tools and trucks to get the job done!) and the toys he plays with at his friends homes (who are all girls) are more open to imaginative interpretation (a doll-house and kitchen for instance), so we set out to get him a toy that would encourage him to explore creative play a little further.

Everything is made of wood and the little dog and firefighters are adorable. The back of the truck has storage for caution cones and signs and the little people have hands that snap onto the fire hoses. I've had as much fun with this thing as Ethan! It's from Highlights online store if you're interested.


David said...

Heather these are great shots. I love the cochlear shot. "signing in slang" too funny.
Thanks for these. How is house sale going?

Hetha said...

We're up to over 30 showings in just 3 weeks and not. a. single. offer.
There are tons of homes for sale in our town right now, which isn't very helpful!

flutter said...

Oh yay for the firehouse! He is such a doll

Kyla said...

What a cool toy! KayTar has really gotten into this type of play in the last few weeks. She's always cooking or playing with her babies (which means staring at them in the stroller, LOL) or playing with her dollhouse. It is fun to watch.

La La said...

Oh, I want to PLAY! So cute! What a great gift!

I love the sign "slang." Now, isn't that imaginative play???

Thanks for showing us your cutie pie! It's so energizing to witness this little guy's life!

Love to you all.

Drew's Mom said...

Ooooo...I was just getting ready to ask where you found that until I read your last sentance. Very cool toy...I see that in a playroom near Drew in the near future!

Eileen said...

He could not get any cuter. Every single picture, he looks so adorable. He also looks like he is having a ball. What a very, very cool toy. How do you ever get him away from it? His play looks pretty creative to me.


Anonymous said...

Tell that boy to get the men into their recliners for naps. Laying on the table gives us kinks in our necks!
I've been talking to the Union guys in Cincy. I'll make a couple connections and we'll make sure E-boy has a hook-up for his fire truck jones when you guys get to the Queen City.
Keep up the good work!
XO- Firefighter Mike

Val said...

OH, you can keep those wooden toys forever! You don't see a lot of wooden toys anymore!