Monday, June 23, 2008

From Me to Them

Dear Subconscious Self,

Hey there! Have you seen Nervous System lately? You two need to talk. There is no need to let things get out of control around here. You guys need to put your heads together and come up with an action plan. Let me know how that goes.

Conscious Self

Dear Former Buyer of our House,

Hey there! While I respectfully understand your decision to back out of our deal, I also feel it’s my duty to fill you in on the situation with our house. Your inspector mentioned a suspicion of mold in our crawl space, and then your son had a very bad asthma attack. We were alarmed by this turn of events and brought in an expert mold identifying team. They took air samples both inside and out as well as physical samples from the joists under our house. They seemed to be convinced that there is no problem and were actually perplexed as to why they were summoned here in the first place. When I told them about your son’s asthma attack, they responded that this location was a very bad place for someone with asthma to live. We are nestled in 5 acres of woods and have been greeted with an inch of pollen on our windshields each morning. Not to mention the fact that we have pets that could have also triggered that reaction. While the results of the tests have yet to be seen, we remain confident that there is not a mold problem with our home. Good luck to you in finding another home for your college son to occupy while he’s a student here.

Jaded Homeowner


Dear Local School District,

In what world do you live that you think it is acceptable to show up at my son’s IEP meeting so vastly under prepared? You only brought 3 pages of the entire IEP document with you! You failed to bring any copies and just planned to sit there and read them aloud to the group! Didn’t you get the memo about me? I like to have my own copy of my son’s future education plan so that I can actually read the material and follow along. Since I am an active member of the team, I might even like to make an actual contribution! Luckily for you guys, we met at my house where I was able to make copies of the pathetic 3-page file you managed to bring to the meeting.

You also failed to bring a teacher or 2 of the 3 therapists that were part of Ethan’s evaluation team. The two who happened to totally avoid interaction with him during the evaluation because they spent the entire hour speaking to me, were on vacation and unable to attend the meeting and speak to the summaries they put together.

I’m glad you enjoyed my coffee, donuts, and typed, printed, collated, and stapled handouts on Ethan’s present levels of achievement as well as my vision statement. I suggest you take notes from me and put together a better performance the next time. I’m leaving the district, but the next family that you treat with such blatant disrespect might be here to stay.

Even though we are moving and you are well aware of this, you still managed to leave direly needed services from Ethan’s IEP. I’m more convinced than ever that leaving here is the only option for Ethan.

Ethan’s Mom


Hetha said...

In case you were wondering, we did not sign the IEP.

KC said...

Tell me who they are and I'll take care of them. (I think some people may be hanging from the flagpole by their underwear shortly.)

Kyla said...

I want to know what was in the me!

Grrrrrr. How dare they treat our E-boy that way.

Mom to Toes said...

OMG, Hetha!!!

I love the "didn't they get the memo about me?" comment. hahaha!

Tell me more - what was in the IEP? I cannot believe what is going on down there!

Beck said...

That kind of sucks. We've had some similar problems with our school board. Homeschooling, here we (maybe) come!

jen said...

oh babe. oh no.

i want to kick those fake owners in the shin.

I am Trish Marie said...

Wow. Just wow. We went to a conference room at Emmi's school. We filled no less than twelve seats at the table with teachers, therapists, administrators, and of course Kenny and I. I had received a copy of the ENTIRE report a week prior, so that I could prepare questions. Each person who contributed presented their part. Each explained their evaluations, findings, and goals. I did not ask for this. It is just that way it is at Emmi's school. I can see now just how very lucky we are. It makes me furious to know that other children are not treated the same.

La La said...

So glad you didn't sign it. YOU. GO. GIRL.

THIS just makes my blood boil!

If you want me to come and help you kick their arses, I'll be on the next plane!

David said...

You and Ethan have an army of fans that will send tomatoes from Mexico to their homes and offices.
I am angry just reading this of course.

Eileen said...

I am so sorry that you have to go through all of this crap. You don't need it.

Ethan's IEP and the meeting was so out of compliance!! It was horrible on so many levels. I hope you do send them a letter, so unacceptable.

I am glad you didn't sign the IEP, you should have throw it at them. They had no clue what Ethan's needs were, none. He deserves so much better. I am glad he won't be going there.

I'll be writing you back. I have been trying to get alone time.

Take care of you!


La La said...

Just checking back to see how you are!

I loved the letter to the subconscious self. Did you write it out with your left hand? I hear that can help get to the subconscious more easily, or is that the unconscious? I'm too tired to check the difference right now, and it escapes me.

Anyhow, I'm thinking about you.