Tuesday, April 29, 2008


In just the mere passing of 7 days, this is what has happened here at the homestead. We are nothing if not motivated.
  • Completed the “front porch project” that has been in limbo for nearly 2 years. What was once a concrete slab with a particle board ceiling is now a lovely 3 season screened-in, beautifully tiled and furnished front porch.
  • Had major foundation repairs and new sub-flooring on one side of the house.
  • French drains created in various parts of the yard and around the house. Grass seed planted.
  • Master bedroom has new paint, new carpeting, and new bathroom flooring installed.
  • New paint and miscellaneous improvements made to kitchen.
  • New paint in main bathroom.
  • New paint in hallway and guest bedroom.
  • Plumbing issues corrected.
Now keep your fingers crossed that this little gem of a house will seem as charming to a prospective buyer as it does to us!


slouching mom said...

WOW. That is truly impressive. I'll keep my fingers crossed!

Jason said...

the work that goes into making our homes beautiful - for someone else!

We feel for you... as we go through the same thing. Where are those buyers though - I hope they appear more quickly for you than they have for us.

Jason, Nicky & Tom

Laurie said...

Hope you have a buyer soon! Too bad you have to fix up your house for someone else! Enjoy the changes while you can.

We, too, have made some major changes in the last few months, which has affecting my blogging/writing time. We have new tile floors in all our bathrooms & hallway and have been busy painting. Just got the carpets cleaned yesterday. But, we didn't do all that in 7 days!

Mom to Toes said...

Wow! Busy!

I bet you don't want to move now, huh? ;)

David said...

Look at you go girl! Amazing! You will have multiple offers for sure.
So excited for you guys!

Kyla said...

7 days? You're a mad woman!

Anonymous said...

Shanti's went on the market and sold that day. . . and they made some $. At the right price, your house is going to fly. . . it is beautiful!!!

La La said...

You go! Wow. It will sell!

Beck said...

I hope it does sell right away - and WHOO, you guys are busy!

leahlefler said...

Wow- you guys are officially invited over to our house! We still have harvest gold vinyl flooring in the kitchen from 1976... it's so old it might be "in" again, lol!

That's a lot of work in seven days! You're going to need a rest once it gets sold!

KC said...

Holy butt!

That is some serious facelifting. Please go rest now.