Saturday, April 12, 2008

Crime Update!

Looking back, I wonder if I wasn't being just a bit sarcastic when I wrote that I had a "captivating" story about the capture of our thief. It's likely only captivating to my neighbors, who are mostly in their 80's and 90's and very worried about the theft since none of them have experienced crime in over 40 years of living on this street.

One evening I ran out to the store and had so much to carry into the house (including Ethan), that I decided to just leave my purse in the car. I forgot to close the garage door that night, and wouldn't you know, the next morning my purse was gone!

Rich quickly took care of making all the necessary calls and cancellations for me and we filed a police report. It seems that the thief (or thieves as it may be) hit the whole town that night.

Within a day or two we had a phone call from our bank about a man who had forged one of my checks. They told us that they were notifying the police and handing over surveillance video.

We basically never had an ounce of faith that our police would solve this case and locate the guy. Ask anyone who lives here about our police department and you'll be met with a less than positive review accompanied by a few sneers or smirks. They're basically too tied up with busting college students to make time for real crime. I figured they'd only find the guy if he walked into the department and turned himself in.

But they found him!

They were watching the surveillance video of his face when someone realized that the guy in the orange jumpsuit in shackles across the room looked remarkably similar to the guy in the video!

He had just been caught and sentenced to prison for something totally unrelated. He confessed to the crime and named 2 accomplices who have yet to be found.

As for me, I made out like a bandit. Rich felt sorry for me and surprised me with a new iPhone! So now I'm that person that I've always been irritated by, the one who is always staring into a small device in her hands and ignoring the world around her.

So don't feel sorry for me; getting my purse stolen turned out to produce a little entertainment and a fancy new gadget. I'm a lucky girl.


Mrs. Chicken said...

An iPhone? Dude, I am totally leaving my purse in the car tonight.

Glad they caught the guy!

Kyla said...

Man...why can't I get a thief to take MY purse so I can get an iPhone? Sigh. So unfair. LOL!

Glad they caught him. Funny story and he definitely is not a smooth criminal.

La La said...

I WANT an iPhone, too!

Glad they caught the creep.

Magpie said...

I am smitten with my iPhone.

David said...

Your comments on my post touched me. It was so warm and so sincere I had to comment on your post. Thank you. It means a lot to me.

Eileen said...

Cool iphone, although I wouldn't know how to use it! I'm so techno. impaired, but my youngest would.

Glad they caught him, it is just creepy that he had his hands on your stuff. Plus, for the people who live close to you, getting that sense of security back once it is lost is tough!! I'm glad this had a happy ending...for all.