Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Where to start?

I feel like I've been offline for months while in reality I've only been "unplugged" for a few days. As a total luddite friend of mine would say, I've been immersing myself in the "outernet".

Time away from the computer is necessary for me. I have been totally immersed for 2 years in forums and mailing lists discussing everything from potty training a deaf child to adjusting medications for toddler acid reflux. Lately, I've been picking up a book instead of reading articles on biomedical interventions for neurological impairments and the change has been REFRESHING!

So lots of stuff is going on in Ethan's World. He is experiencing a language explosion and it has been such a thrill to see and hear. He still isn't making those consonant sounds in speech, but he says a perfectly clear M and N now. Instead of only using a sign he now attempts to say the word that he is signing. You really have to know the sign in order to understand since he only says the vowel sound in most cases. But this is major progress! He now says "Uh -oh" at appropriate times, such as this morning after turning over the coffee table. His signing has picked up lately as well; we're seeing more signs and with more intention behind them. I'm really inspired by this long awaited progress and wonder how much of it might be due to the addition of another cochlear implant. There's no way to tell for sure, but it seems to me to have made quite a big difference for him.

Also in BIG NEWS: Rich has been making some career changes and will now be able to work from a home office in any location, which means that we will be moving to Cincinnati! Ethan's entire team of specialists are there and we have been making the 3 hour drive (each way) for 2 years. Plus, there are so many educational options there for Ethan that our tiny town simply cannot provide. There are 2 deaf schools and one even has a preschool class for kids with apraxia; as if it were custom designed for Ethan. The other is a wonderful oral deaf school with an outstanding reputation for preparing deaf children to be mainstreamed into their neighborhood schools by 2nd grade.

Sure, we are facing some unusual stress with having a home to sell and then another home to buy. But this is the kind of stress I've been praying for and I'm embracing it now with open arms. (We're doing fine given that we have a home to sell/buy in the first place!)

Since Ethan's birth, Rich and I have felt stress the likes of which neither of us could have imagined, and living here has had us continuously worried about Ethan's future. It has taken a toll on us as individuals and as a couple. Living in Cincinnati is going to alleviate so many of the anxieties that have been on our shoulders here. I can imagine having that psychic energy freed and how that will positively change our lives all the way around!

So much to think about.


diber said...

Rock on!!!

Way to go, E! Fantastic!!

And congratulations to your whole family on this wonderful job news. My hubby just started working from home this Jan, and it is SO NICE!!! He is "at work" and all, but it's nice to be able to say "hi" or bring him a cookie, just knowing he's there is such a luxury. And he can be flex with hours for school meetings and stuff.

How wonderful to be able move closer, too. That's just fantastic. Good luck with all the crazy details!

flutter said...

Oh my gosh woman! That is a TON of change!

jen said...

babe, it sounds like so many good things are happening and on the road just ahead. i am glad you are reclaiming all of it.

go, you.

Drew's Mom said...

Way to go Ethan! "Uh oh" was Drew's first word too. I can't even imagine how exciting it is for you to hear him say that!

I'm glad you are able to move closer to resources for Ethan. It will make you life so much easier! Wish you were coming to Columbus...Drew and Ethan could go to school together :)

Drew's Mom

Kyla said...

This is awesome!!! Go E-boy!!! And yay for Cincinnati! I'm thrilled for you guys!

La La said...

So happy for your family to have this opportunity to move to a place that offers such rich resources for Ethan and will help alleviate so much of the stress you've been experiencing.

Ethan's photo is GORGEOUS! What a cute little guy. So glad to hear about his progress.

I am Trish Marie said...

How exciting!! I know it will be stressfull, but I moved cities basically for the same reason. To put Emmi into a certain school district and near Texas Children's. It is amazing how much it balances out that stress when you have so much to look forward to. Good luck with it!

Emmi just hit a huge language leap, too. Of course, her announciation is an issue, until her soft palate is corrected. But she is trying so much. It's so much fun to see it happen, isn't it?

Jimmy Legs said...

wow that is very cool to hear all around, even though i consider cincinnati a suburb of kentucky, but that's okay. that's where bourbon comes from!

congratulations to Rich for figuring out how to live untethered, god knows i wish i could do that (#1, keep buying those lottery tickets).

keep it up Ethan!

Don Mills Diva said...

I'm so happy for you. Moving sounds like such a great step forward and it sounds like Ethan is really progressing - congratulations on all your good fortune.

Loudest Mom said...

That's fantastic news! It will be crazy for you guys over the next few months, but so worth it :)

Eileen said...

I could not be happier for you and your family. The progress Ethan is making is just fantastic news! Cincinnati is such a great city! Besides no more long car rides, the educational opportunities that will open up, will be amazing.
Keep us posted, with all the moving details. Try not to get too stressed with the actual moving part, just keep focused on the big picture.
Love ya!

Jen said...

WoW! Congrats Ethan on the progress!

Good luck with your move! It sounds like a great thing.

Beck said...

That move sounds like it will be a great thing for your family - I hope it goes really, really well.
And yay, Ethan! Way to go!

Jennifer said...

Heather....AWESOME on the move!! That's just great news! It will change everything! I'm lucky that I only have to dive one hour for everything now...and that's OK...only once a month or so. I can't imagine having to drive so far!
Ethan gets cuter all the time...if possible...I just love the new picture! And it sounds like his verbal progress is marching along at a steady rate...what great progress! I loved this much great news!

Mom to Toes said...

Wow! That is quite an update.

I am thrilled to hear how Ethan is progressing. I think the second implant makes a huge difference, personally. We have seen similar leaps since Erin's second implant was activated.

I am sad to hear you are moving to Cincy... I was hoping you'd head up north. ;)

Oh, and I can totally relate to internet fatigue. It does feel good to take a break now and then.

Aliki2006 said...

Yay! I'm so glad things are taking such a great turn! And an exciting move, too.

Congrats to Ethan for the language explosion, too--must be an amazing, wonderful thing to witness.

Tom's mum said...

Hi Heather
Wow that's fantastic. We also think that a city can offer so much more for Tom. In addition to all the schools, medical staff etc... hopefully there will be more opportunities to meet other CI children which should be great for Ethan's self esteem.

Thanks for the comment you left on my blog re the hat - I resorted to one of my baseball caps, or exbaseball caps as it's now covered in glue.
Nicky x

Danielle said...

Thanks for visiting my site (6YearMed). I have enjoyed looking through Ethan's blog this Sunday afternoon and have learned a lot! Thanks for sharing his story with us. Good luck with the move to Cincinnati! Maybe I will see you around ;)

Sarah said...

Oh, how exciting, all of it! Good luck with selling your home, and buying a new one and the move and everything!

KC said...

Good stress. Good stress. I'm so glad you'll be right where your family needs to be and not driving 3 hours each way!

Laurie said...

Loved the update on Ethan! Sounds like he is doing great. Kids are like sponges and absorb EVERYTHING!

Cincinnati will be a good change for you and your family, especially for Ethan.

I drive through Cincy several times a year to visit family. When you get settled, I'd love to meet you and Ethan sometime!

David said...

I stumbled on your blog as we do when we visit other blogs which leads us down a great road into other lives and times. It's funny how after a brief read you feel part of their world which probably is a tribute to great writing, which yours is. Ethan is a great looking young man, and it sounds like he had the dream time in a firehouse on your trip. Thank you for sharing. I am always happy for others when a positive event comes into their lives. Even though buying and selling a house is stressful, I can only imagine what a 3 hour road trip done countless times does to your family. It is great that your husband will work from home in a city that offers so much of the professional medical specialists to ensure Ethan has an amazing fulfilled life.
I will pop in and check up for sure. Thank you for sharing

David said...

Thank you for sharing Jeff's Blog spot with me Heather. I so enjoyed it and got a ton out of it.
I hope you guys are all doing ok.
I'll check back soon
"Hi Ethan (woof woof)" - from Speeder, the worlds fastest dog!