Friday, January 25, 2008

Some Good and Some Bad

There are 2 stories that relate to deafness happening that I wanted to share in this space. They are both worthy of much excitement, although for entirely different reasons.

Let's start with the happy story. Pepsi is running a super bowl ad that will be silent with deaf actors. I'm actually going to tune into the super bowl (possibly for the first time ever) just to see this ad that is supposedly very humorous. Here's the story:

And for the bad: My friend Karen at the blog A Deaf Mom Shares Her World (the one I gave the Nice Matters Award to awhile back) was recently denied service in a drive-thru window at a Steak -n- Shake because she was unable to place her order at the speaker. When she told the worker that she was deaf and unable to hear him at the speaker he waved her on, even threatening to call the police for holding up the line in the drive-thru. He picked the wrong person to mess with! Fox and ABC have covered the story! (Insert evil laugh here).

And also in bad news land, I'm sick and SICK of being sick! Lord help me, I'm going to turn into the whiniest person on earth if I dont' get over this soon.


Mom to Toes said...


I have rage.

I read about the Superbowl ad on Christian's mom's blog... but missed this on Karen's.

Thank you for sharing. I will be adding a link to my blog as well.

Karen said...

Sending some orange juice your way! Hope you feel better!

Thanks for the support!

Kyla said...

Feel better!

And OMG! what an idiot drive through worker, I bet his employer is none to happy with the bad press. I'm glad they picked up the story though,I can't believe she was treated that way!

Aliki2006 said...

I'm outraged at that story you mention! Good grief...I'm glad it was covered by the news.

Feel better--soon!

jen said...

people are so silly, so indifferent to the world around them, assuming the worst. i wish that was different.

flutter said...

WOW that guy must feel like a butt.

Eileen said...

I can't believe that you are still not feeling better. Sending hugs and well wishes your way. Start drinking more liquids, take your vitamin C and more rest. Wish I lived closer so I could help you out. Is your hubby back, so you can get som sleep?

I am excited about the Superbowl, I will now watch!! That is very exciting. I hate football, but this will be worth it.

What happened to Karen makes me sick and so very, very angry. I am so glad she did not take it. I am glad she is exposing the ignorance that exists. The bigger deal made of it the better. That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. Grrrr.

Take care of yourself, my friend.

Jennifer said...

I'm SO sorry you're sick...ugh! Get well soon!
I LOVED the Pepsi commercial...and Karen is my hero this week! Ain't she great, folks???

Lotta said...

I am constantly amazed at peoples low level of tolerance (that's putting it nicely) for the hard of hearing. Even close friends and family will still yell to me from another room and then get pissy when they need to come in and speak to my face.

It can be maddening for sure! She should totally go back and egg the place.

I am Trish Marie said...

I cannot believe that happened. Actually, I can. I used to get comments from random strangers about how Emmi doesn't listen much. I always corrected them, and said, "No. She doesn't HEAR much." It just kills me how insensistive and oblivious people can people. I am glad that the news did cover it.

As for the SuperBowl commercial, thanks for sharing the info. I am very much so looking forward to seeing it.

And, of course, I hope you feel better!

La La said...

I so hope you feel better soon. And, you can always whine to me. You've got my email.

That drive through story makes me FURIOUS. People can be so oblivious and ignorant and short-sighted. Terrible.

I'm at my favorite coffee house, and a blind woman was in line in front of me. She is an amazing woman, and the young guy taking her order was so in tune with her special needs that I had tears in my eyes. He helped her with the money. He put the items in her bag and made sure she knew which pastry was which. He came from behind the counter and escorted her to the door by grabbing her elbow in the correct manner.

After he was back behind the counter he told the other employee, "that woman is so sweet, and we take way too much for granted." I told him he was such a sweetheart and that I was totally moved by how kind and sensitive he was. This guy is a kid, too. WOW!

Laurie said...


I'm sorry you are sick! Hope you feel better soon. I've made three different kinds of soup this past week. If I lived closer, I'd bring you some.

I loved the Pepsi commercial and commented about Karen's experience on my blog today. . . I know we'll all be watching Karen's website for updates!

Stephen Hopson/Adversity University said...

I blogged about it too in my weekly gratitude post. My gratitude went to Karen Putz for having the courage to stand up and be counted in the face of withering criticism and pressure. Her story both inspired and pressed some deeply hidden buttons that I didn’t know existed!

Thanks for helping a fellow blogger spread the news - she’s my buddy too!

Eileen said...

Heather, I know your sick, and I am so sorry. I wish your felt better. (((hugs))

Could you please advise me on my recent post. I am trying to play it cool, but I am not.
any of your input would be great!

Sarah said...

I'll be watching the super bowl as usual, so I will keep my eye out!

I can't believe that about your friend! I never seem to get good service at steak n shake anyway so they just totally lost me as a customer!

Also, I feel for you and your being sick. I went through that during the holidays and just couldn't shake it. Hope you feel better!

Kellan said...

I can't believe what happend to Karen at the drive thru window - that is appauling and I think she needed me there with her so I could do me some screaming at the rude kid!!! (refer to my post - DQ Means - They Obviously ...). I'm sorry that happened to her - that just makes me MAD! I hope she sues them! I'll try to catch the Pepsi commercial - that sounds very interesting!

Take care Hetha - I'll see you soon. Kellan

KC said...

Awful about the drive through. You know someone over there is seriously getting reamed right about now.

Hope you get well soon - get lots of sleep. I know, easier said than done.

Loudest Mom said...

I'm sorry you've been sick! Hope you're feeling better soon. How's the sewing coming? I can't believe the idiot man in the drive-thru line either. He'll regret the day he was such a jerk to Karen though!

Take care,

Kellan said...

Hi Hetha - thanks for coming by today - you are always so very sweet. I hope you and Ethan are well and having a good weekend. See you later. Kellan

Beck said...

Get better!
I absolutely had not heard about that Superbowl ad - I hope it's great.

La La said...

Been missing you! How is your cold?

I hope you all are doing okay.

love. love. love.