Monday, January 21, 2008

Sewing & Widgets!

First of all, I have to make an exclamation: I Can Sew! No one is more surprised by this than me. Motherhood has brought all sorts of new aspects to my life, not the least of which is a desire to make stuff.

I used to call this space the sun room. Now I call it the sewing room.

And without further adieu, behold my first sewing accomplishment!

See that pocket holding Ethan's body worn controllers? I MADE IT!

Can you believe how well that fabric matches his jammies? That was not planned folks. That's just how I roll around here. Heather Homemaker. Heather Hobby.

As for the widget explanation, my friend and fellow blogger La La told me that if I'm going to have a list of books that link to amazon, then I may as well sign up for the associates program and make a little money from the sale of those items. If someone clicks on one of my book titles and then purchases it from amazon, I'll get a small percentage of that sale. I set up an account that will turn the rewards into gift certificates that I can use to buy more books. That way I can quit taking Ethan to all these dumb doctors and just treat him myself based on what I'm reading! (ahem, not really)

I'm off to read another chapter in Sewing for Dummies. Maybe I should add that to my amazon bookshelf.


flutter said...

Nice work, Mama!

Kyla said...

Hey! Good for you! I cooked dinner for the first time EVER last week, so I'm feeling pretty homey, too. ;)

diber said...

Of course you can sew, cause you're AWESOME!! :-D yay!! Welcome to the Addiction. Next thing you know, you'll be stalking the internet for designer fabrics you can't afford. heh, heh

I'll just drop you this nugget: ;)

La La said...

YAY! for sewing! and YAY! for widgets!

I'm so glad you were able to use the info. about Amazon.

Great pocket! I love your ingenuity!

Happy MLK day!

Thanks for the link!

Loudest Mom said...

Love the pouch! I needed to do that for Em when she was little- let's just say mine didn't look so pretty :) I tried sewing- just got too frustrated with the thread getting tangled, etc. I am just NOT patient enough.
Great work!!!

slouching mom said...

That pocket fits in PERFECTLY.

I think you could probably do whatever you set your mind to do.

Eileen said...

Hey Heather Holly,
I am so impressed!! It really looks good. The stitches are straight, it is the right size, and it does match his pj's. You are just getting more and more domestic by the day!! I hope you find sewing relaxing too. I think I may check out Sewing for Dummies!
You are one determined Mom!!

You are so awesome!

La La said...


When you order the shack tomorrow, do it from your site. Click on the amazon icon at the bottom of your booklist, and order it, and then you can see how the purchase gives you credit! It's pretty cool.

I started a bookclub at my school, and I order all of the teachers' books using my associates account. It's not much money, but we might as well get something back!!!

Have a good night's sleep.

leahlefler said...

Wow! You're far more talented than I am- I might have some luck with iron-on tape but I am actually afraid of my sewing machine, lol.

Aliki2006 said...

I'm so impressed! And what a lovely, sunlit sewing nook!

Jennifer said...

You smart thing, you! I can't sew at all...I'm not that creative OR that smart! I can do buttons...does that count?

Sarah said...

Great invention!

Kellan said...

You did a great job and I think you have a new invention here - REALLY!! You need to market and sell this! I'm sure it would sell! I loved this post - take care Heath and I'll see you soon. Kellan

jen said...

Dude! you CAN sew! and that wee pocket is so adorable. so.

Laurie said...

Great Job! I love to sew, too. When I was younger, I made pouches for my body aid and attached it to my bra (in the front) and hid my hearing aid that way.

Thanks for your comment today!

Kellan said...

Hi Hetha - thanks for coming by - always good to see you! How is that little Sweetie doing? I hope he's getting used to his new ear piece that you got that all figured out. Take care and I'll talk to you soon. Kellan

Tom's Mum said...

Wow, that is impressive. Ethan looks so cute modelling them too :)

Beck said...

That is a great little pocket!
And now I wish my name was Heather so I could be Heather Homemaker. Or Heather Homemaker-Hobby. One or the other.

Jen said...

Wow, you did a fabulous job! It matches so well!

KC said...

Totally awesome.

I want to sew! Wah!

Maybe in a few years when I'm sleeping again.