Sunday, January 13, 2008

Kisses, GFCF and insurance

Ethan is now a fan of giving kisses, though he’s still not sure how he feels about being on the receiving end. The fact that we are so excited by his kisses is really motivating. He’s been known to kiss me 12 times in a row, with a mini celebration of sorts in between each kiss. I’m going to try to post video soon!

Next, we work on hugging ;-)

We’re back to the therapy and home visit routine after a fairly extensive break. It’s hard to keep a fixed schedule between the holidays and the wide range of viruses that have been going around. E-boy and I are both dealing with a cold at the moment, but it’s nothing compared to the sinus infection I had around the holidays. When does it stop?!

I’ve been playing around on my new sewing machine that Grandma Innis got me for Christmas. I also have Amy Karol’s book Bend-the-Rules Sewing and love it! She has a blog called The Angry Chicken if you’re into that sort of stuff. I love to look, but I’m not much of a sewer or crafter – I’m an enthusiastic wannabe. I have sewn a few pockets (made by grandma) onto Ethan’s shirts and jammies and that has been a great way to get a feel for the machine. It’s nice to set time aside for myself and attempt learning a new skill. What took me so long?

I’ve also been doing a lot of thinking (and confusing myself) about Ethan’s diet and how best to approach the inevitable elimination of gluten and casein. I’ve ordered this book and this book to help jumpstart the process. They came highly recommended by a mother in the apraxia group. I’ve also joined a new yahoo group (now I’m up to 5) called CeliacKids; they welcome any parent who is trying the GF diet. I hope to find inspiration and recipes as well as shopping ideas.

It’s so hard to imagine taking away grains and casein (found in all dairy products) when it seems that’s all the boy wants to eat. He lives on cereal, toast, crackers, and granola bars. I’ve read about children with autism who seem to show food addictions to the very foods their bodies are unable to properly digest. There is a scientific reason for this, but what it comes down to is the fact that the only way to truly know what is going on in their gut is to get vital lab work done.

I’ve put off the lab work I wrote about recently since Ethan has been on so many courses of antibiotics. Now seems like a better time to see what’s going on in that tummy. The question I’m currently pondering is whether or not to go to his GI doc at Children’s or to set up an appointment with a DAN! Doc instead. The DAN docs are noted for their knowledge on the biomedical approach whereas the GI doc we have seems to be a very treat the symptoms kind of guy and he has never shown any interest in Ethan’s diet or nutrition. Our insurance likely won’t cover a DAN doc though. They will cover something that they will end up paying out for an eternity (like prevacid) rather than a DAN doc who will get to the root of the problem and be done with it (using enzymes and probiotics for starters).

I had better end this post now before I go off on some insurance rant! I haven’t seen the movie Sicko yet and I’m afraid my head will spin out of control and blow off my shoulders if I do.

If you have done the GFCF diet and want to offer me any tips or tricks, feel free to send an email. My address is on the sidebar over there!


leahlefler said...

Ugh- insurance companies. I just got my dander up! I'm afraid to even watch Sicko- I know I'll get angry. Grrrr...

Drew's Mom said...

You are more ambitious than I am...I received a sewing machine for Christmas as well. I returned it the next day. I really don't have time to try to learn. I wish I could sew, but I'm being realistic. It's not going to happen...

It sounds like you have spent a lot of time researching this new diet. If insurance won't cover the testing you need on the first try, don't give up! They bank on people just giving into their initial decision. It will take more time, but hopefully if you are persistant they will just approve it not to hear from you any more!

Kellan said...

Hi Hetha - So glad to hear that you are getting some kisses from that sweet boy!!! I have had my sewing machine out lately (reluctantly - I hate to sew) - having to help my girls with some serious sewing school projects - has put me in a particularly bad mood, as of late. Hope you have had a good weekend. See you soon. Kellan

Aliki2006 said...

I'm currently pulling my hair out over this GFCF's *hard* and especially since L. ONLY eats bread and pasta and pizza. We were doing well with is last week, then went out to eat with family on Saturday night to L.'s favorite pizza place. What were we supposed to do? That was a chance for L.'s only good meal of the week!

It's tough--let me know if you have any insight on how to stick with the diet, challenges and all. We're plugging along with it, but it's hard!

And I've been secretly wanting a sewing machine for some time now!

Kyla said...

I've thought about GCFC...but KayTar eats so little, I feel like it would be shooting ourselves in the foot. Without any proof that it will help, I can't mess with her diet.

BUT, if it goes well for Ethan and you see positive results, I'd be more apt to try it, because these kiddos seem to be pretty similar.

Josh is really frustrated with our GI doc (I am, too, but Josh is more so) because he just says "Keep her on the Miralax." We both wonder if her constipation is linked to her terrible immune system, since so much of it resides in the digestive tract. But nobody looks into it really.

diber said...

Yay! I love Bend the Rules sewing!!! I got it for Cmas, too. *grin* If you have the motivation, sewing is not hard at all. I was scared of it for a long time, but then I did one thing and then another, and now I'm hooked. :-D

*hug* Insurance woes. I can learn whole new languages but don't make me talk to the insurance company. :-P

La La said...

So sweet that E-boy is kissing you twelve times in a row. Precious!!!

As for SICKO, I saw it and loved it. Yes. it's infuriating, but I'm so thankful to Michael Moore for drawing attention to this subject!

I will pray about your insurance issues. I can't imagine how very frustrating that must be! Blessings.

Loudest Mom said...

No advice on diet (since I know you saw my issues w/ my kids lack of veggies). Your post helped put my issue in perspective though, and I am definitely going to purchase the book you've recommended :) Best of luck w/ the dietary issues!

And, most of all, enjoy learning your new hobby. That's always a lot of fun, and SO NEEDED-LOL.


I am Trish Marie said...

I am afraid to watch Sicko also! I am already so ticked about Emmi's insurance. We are now one full year into a court battle with them. Thank goodness for Let Them Hear!

As for the food. It is very overwhelming to pick a diet. I wish doctors supported that route more. Emmi's underlying problem is metabolic. It is no secret to me that diet plays a major role in Emmi's well-being. Emmi was on a no-protein diet for almost a year. At the doctor's insistence I added protein back into Emmi's diet. Within a month, she had lost her hearing completely. Without telling her doc, I cut back. Since making my own diet by my own research, Emmi has not been hospitalized for symptoms of the metabolic disorder. No more comas. No more low blood sugar. No more major changes in her health. And I still get told by the doctors that it is just a coincidence. That the change in diet does not work. Frustrating. Anyway, I know we are working on two completely different diet issues, but good luck!

jen said...

it makes my head want to blow off too. to think of it happening to you, to so many families.

you are a lovely mama.

Eileen said...

I was just reading one of your past posts, where you and Ethan were doing mirror play together and he gave you a kiss. You were so thrilled, and now he is up to 12 in a row...WOW! I can't wait to see the video. That is so wonderful!!

I just don't get insurance companies, at all. I am sorry you have to deal with such crap, when you already have so many other stresses to deal with. They just don't seem to get the concept of preventative care. So ridiculous.

I think Michelle at Full Soul Ahead at blog spot, did the diet your talking about for a long time. She might be a very good resource for you. You may want to check it out. She believes in the food/diet issue 100%. It has helped her daughter a lot.

Hope you and Ethan are feeling better! Happy sewing, and for that I give you a lot of credit. I just could never get it. Hannah has a sewing machine and loves it. Something wrong with this picture, when your 12 year old is teaching you how to sew! LOL.

Thanks for the kind words about Mel. She keeps checking my comments, and it makes her so very, very happy!


Anonymous said...

If you really want to go GF, the best way to do it is to convert the whole family. It is very hard to have your child see YOU eat something that he can't have. There are so many GF foods available commercially -- everything from GF pretzels and pizza, to cookies and breakfast cereal and bread and rolls. Once you get used to it, it becomes second nature. You can follow the advice of other GF families as to what's good and what's not. The DCCEliac group on Yahoo is particularly good -- they even post an annual list of which candies are GF and which are not right before Halloween.

KC said...

Kisses from our babies are sweeter than sweet. Jolie was anti-kiss for awhile until we broke her down with stealth attacks.

I would love to be able to sew. Maybe a future pursuit...

Good luck on the diet--and the insurance - I know how maddening dealing with insurance can be.

Karen said...

Hope you both feel better soon!