Monday, November 05, 2007


It has been almost one week since surgery and Ethan is doing so well. The site of the incision is still pretty tender, but that is the only thing bothering this guy and it's mainly just a problem at night. He has been tossing and turning throughout the nights trying to get comfortable. The surgeon wanted him to wear that blue bandage during the night, but Ethan won't keep it on for more than a few minutes at a time. I think the purpose is to pin his ear against his head to keep it from sticking out as they sometimes do after this surgery. His other ear sticks out just a tad, which suits his situation rather well since it holds the ear piece and his glasses.

He has been too sore behind the ear to wear his glasses. He hasn't worn them since the surgery and I'm hoping that it won't be a big battle getting him back into that routine. Speaking of his eyes, we found out that he won't need surgery for a few months. That was welcome news as he needs time to adjust to having another ear and all the mapping sessions that entails over the next few months.

We're also happy to see that Ethan's balance seems to be unaffected by this recent surgery. That was a concern our surgeon had all along since we have no research on the affect of bilateral implantation on small children with motor delays. He's very sure on his feet, even without the benefit of corrected vision.

I have been knee-deep in reading and thinking about diet and supplement changes for Ethan. We're about to make some big changes around here.

Have a good day everyone.


flutter said...

oh and to you and your sweet boy

Kellan said...

Heather - I am so glad to hear it is going well!!! I can just imagine the stress of it all and at the same time the hope of it all! I'm glad his eye surgery has been delayed - enough for now, right? Have a good day.

Kyla said...

Whew! Way to go Ethan!! I'm glad he's healing nicely, Heather.

Today we had ABR/KUB/flu shot day. KayTar was displeased to say the least. LOL.

We are backing off a bit on pushing KayTar's baby food. Her weight is stable now and the nutritionist said that as long as we get a couple fruits and veggies in per day along with her multivitamin, we can let her eat more table foods even if it doesn't seem too nutritionally sound. She said Cheez-its aren't as healthy as green beans, but if she's willing to eat them, we should take advantage and it might help her make some progress. So, we're trying. She said the Pediasure and the multivitamin will keep her nutrition afloat even if her diet is a bit lacking. I probably should have emailed this to you. Oh well. LOL.

Eileen said...

I am so happy to hear that it is going well. You have been on my mind so much this week, thanks for the update. So far, things look like they are healing the way that they should...I am so happy for you all.
Take care. Sending lots of love and healthy thoughts.

jen said...

how are you doing? you sound good and yet i imagine it's all taking quite a toll, probably more on you in a lot of ways.

am thinking of you.

Jennifer said...

Heather, I'm sorry he's not comfortable when he sleeps (I know the feeling, since I've been awake since 2 AM...bah)...thankfully, that will get better soon! I'm so grateful that I don't have to wear glasses...I would think that would be difficult with an incision like that!! Give him a smooch for me! :)

Laurie said...


I, too, was uncomfortable sleeping after my surgeries. I used one of those neck/donut pillows from Brownstone and the "hole" was perfect for my surgery side because there was no pressure on it. Or you could try one of those pillows filled with those foam beads or whatever that kids like so much.

Glad he is doing well! I just want to reach through my computer and give him a hug!

slouching mom said...

So glad to read an update. I'm intrigued by the dietary changes in the works...

Happy he's on the mend.

Tricia said...

Emmi had two different surgeons, both agreed that the bandage actually could cause swelling and tenderness. They only had her wear it one night. Once we took it off, she did much better....just a thought.

I am glad Ethan is doing well. Good to hear his balance was not affected.

Mrs. Chicken said...

wonderful news, so glad to hear the little man is doing well, and his mama, too.

Loudest Mom on the Block said...

I'm so glad everything is going well (and my kids all hated the bandage as well!) We cheated a bit w/ all of them, and there ears are all nice and flat at this point-LOL! My oldest daughter had eye surgery two months prior to her implant surgery- of course she was 7, so we could explain everything to her. Big hugs to you both!

- Melissa