Sunday, September 23, 2007

September stuff

Ethan and his daddy share a snack in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Eboy and daddy boarding Skybus, E's first big trip!

Ethan playing (and signing) with one of his favorite people of all time (and mine), his Fairy-godmother Misha. This was taken at the end of her first day in graduate school. She will one day become a speech language pathologist.


Jennifer said...

He is just WAAAAAAAAAAY cute!! I would love to see him sign!!

slouching mom said...

That first picture is adorable, both of your boys in their matching hoodies!

Kyla said...

I'm jealous of hoodie weather!

Ethan is just too cute! How cool is it that he has his very own SLP to train. LOL.

KC said...

I agree with slouching mom-first picture is a great one. I'm a big fan of hoodies.

Eileen said...

He is getting bigger by the day, such a little boy now!! He also continues to get more and more cute. He looks like he is hanging out enjoying the ride, going with the flow.
Thanks for showing these pictures, they are great! Made my night.