Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Family First

The three of us flew to New Hampshire last week! Ethan was fantastic, thanks to the amazing technology that is the portable DVD player. Our flight left Ohio in the evening, right around the time that we usually try to wind Ethan down. He skipped his nap that day and was really tired and crabby as we boarded the plane. Add the over stimulating experience of an airport, security, and having your car seat loaded into a 2x2 ft. space and you're looking at the makings of a meltdown. That DVD player was worth its weight in gold that night.

The portable video gods smiled again the following day during our 3 hr. drive to Aunt Margie's in Maine, and again a few days later on the drive back to Uncle Dan's. It was wonderful to see everyone, especially the kids since they are growing up so fast. Ethan had a total blast and was generally very happy and well behaved. Not bad for a boy of 2.

New England is so beautiful. The weather was mostly sunny and chilly and the leaves up there are just starting to change. I love the laid back vibe and friendliness of Maine - I could easily seeing living there someday. (I say this every time I leave Ohio) And Portsmouth, N.H. is a beautiful little town with so much character. I loved it. We watched a bike race that ran through down town, for a moment it felt like we were in the middle of an L.L. Bean catalog. Cliche for sure, but definitely true.

It's time to put away the summer shirts and shorts and unpack the warm cozy clothes of autumn. Warmer clothes are spinning in the washer as I type.

I'll post a couple of pictures when Rich returns, he's working in New Haven this week and has the camera card reader in his brief case.

{Ci note: this was the first time we've used the personal audio cable that is one of Ethan's Ci accessories, one end plugs into his ear piece and the other end goes into the dvd player, so he is essentially pipelined directly into the audio from the dvd, it was pretty cool! someday he'll plug directly into his ipod}


Kyla said...

Sounds lovely. We are just getting into the bearable temperatures here. Summer is murderous, fall here resembles summer elsewhere.

Nikkicole said...

sounds like you had a blast out there

Laurie said...

What a gorgeous picture! Fall hasn't arrived here in Tennessee yet. . .

I love New England. My husband and I took a fall foilage trip to Vermont years ago and stayed at a bed & breakfast. It was heavenly.

Glad Ethan is using the cord to connect to his DVD player. I know I love my cords and accessories!

Congrats on the bilateral approval, too! Wow!

Eileen said...

I love New England in the fall. The picture you posted is so beautiful. It gets like that around here in upstate NY too, and it is my favorite time of the year. I am glad Ethan did well with the trip and that you all enjoyed the time with family. I totally agree with you about the portable DVD players, they are priceless!! I am really psyched that Ethan can use his with adaptations, totally cool! He sounds like he did very well on such a big trip. Glad you are back safe and sound.