Thursday, June 28, 2007

In Need of Zzzzzz's

Here's an image that we just don't see enough of around here, Ethan is actually sleeping. Oh, and Neko is testing the limits as to what he can get away with, not only by sleeping on my pillow, but by also risking the chance of waking Ethan.

Most people who know us realize that Ethan is a poor sleeper, but few know just how severe the problem has been, or how my sanity continues to precariously hang on by a thread. Many a time I've said "It's a good thing he's cute", and the scary thing is that I meant it.

I'm going to be honest with myself here. The real reason that I am unable to even consider giving birth to another child is because by the time I get this one to sleep I am going to need a few years of sleep rehab. I fear that I've trained my body to have a sleep disorder and that it could take years to get back to where I once was.

I wasted a great deal of prenatal time reading a whole slew of books on how to have the "happiest baby on the block" or how happy baby's have healthy sleep habits, but Ethan has given the middle finger and then some to any and all theories or strategies.

Wouldn't you think that being DEAF would lend itself to sweet sleep action?



Shiloh said...

I read that silly book too when I was pregnant with Isaac and then again when he was waking up every hour or so at night! I tried everything to have the happiest baby on the block, but obviously the shhhhh-ing didn't work. Do you keep a night light on for Ethan? That has really helped with Isaac. I think that waking up in the complete dark was hard for Isaac because imagine waking up and not being able to see or hear. I think I would cry too. Anyway....sleeping Ethan is adorable! You certainly have a sweetheart of a boy. He is so photogenic! I don't think he takes a bad picture. What a cutie!

Nikkicole said...

geese you know how to get a laugh out of every one and i mean it this time you wrote it was too cute

Kauan Tyler's Mom! said...

My son gives me a hard time too!! He doesn't like to sleep, and I've been feeling really tired lately, especially because I'm 10 weeks pregnant and I feel soooo exhausted right now! :0) The good thing is that my husband is putting him to sleep every night, so I have that extra hour to myself and I just hear them laughing in the bedroom!!! :0) (at some point, maybe 2 hours later, he finally falls asleep!!!)
We pray that we're going to get some sleep, some day.... but I guess not so soon, now that another one is coming!!:0)
Good luck to us!!!!!!

Heather said...

Shiloh - I just bought a new night light for Ethan today, the other one was so bright that we had to stop using it, thanks for the reminder. I'm glad someone else can relate to my frustration about the books too! And you're right, Ethan doesn't take a bad picture, unlike his momma, who takes on the average one good picture every 10 years or so.

Nikkicole - I am glad you like that entry, I'm glad I could come across as humorous since at the time I wrote it I was really fed up.

Kuan's mom - CONGRATULATIONS! Both for being pregnant and also for moving forward with the decision to go Bilateral with Kuan! I think you'll be thrilled with the results and I also think you'll be very happy with the Advanced Bionics device.