Monday, June 04, 2007

"Hearing Pockets" by Grandma

Here is Ethan wearing his hearing pocket shirt from As you can see, it doesn't fit very well. They served us well this winter under his shirts, but he needs a few more months to fill them out in the shoulders.

If you're not sure what I'm talking about, there is a pocket sewn into the back of the shirt that is made specifically for the battery pack that powers the implant. It's a really neat product and I'm so glad these nice people in New York have come up with the idea since I don't sew. We used their shirts all winter.

Since the fit isn't great for summer, Ethan has been wearing his batteries attached to the ear level piece, which is the way big kids and adults wear their implants. The body worn pack was designed for infants and small children since the behind the ear battery pack is really long and heavy. It falls off freqently and what's even more problematic is that Ethan can grab the whole piece and discard it at will. He does this with the body worn as well, but at least that is attached to his body. Last week I spent countless minutes searching the house in a panic for his processor. Luckily he didn't toss it in the toilet or the cats water dish!

Here he is modeling the new pockets that Grandma Innis has made for him. She used a really cute fabric with Mickey Mouse and another with cats. She used an iron on material on the back so now I have a handful of pockets that I can attach to his shirts. We love them!!

And while I'm on the topic of Ethan's head gear, I guess I'll mention that he broke his eye glass frames this weekend. They only lasted for 4 months!

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Eileen said...

What a great idea!! They look like they work out great, and I love the different fabric, especially the Mickey Mouse ones. I never even realized there was a battery pack that went with it, that is how slow I am. Any, I think it is awesome, and Ethan is the perfect model, as always!! I can't say it enough, he is just way too cute.....
I will send you an e-mail about the writing workshop. I am still processing the whole, it was intense. Talk to you soon. XO