Friday, June 08, 2007

Big Stuff

Ethan is really blossoming these days, I don't even know where to start.

He has added several new foods to his diet, including 2 fruits and a vegetable. As recently as March, Ethan would only eat creamy baby food and no table food whatsoever. Lots of progress in a short time. I'd love to think that the new muscles he's using in his mouth will help him start to make new speech sounds.

We've been on a break for 2 weeks since the university students finished up their clinical work for the quarter. Next week we start going to the Columbus Speech and Hearing Center and we'll work with a therapist who has experience with implanted toddlers. Really looking forward to that!

He has been taking assisted steps for months now and we've been hearing people say "any day he'll be walking" since January. Now it looks like that is actually going to happen. He is starting to gain the confidence to walk short distances around the house without any parental pressure. Yes, I know that this is going to change my life in a big way, and no, I'm not sure I'm ready for that.

Ethan's vision has worsened to the point that after only 4 months he is in need of new lenses. So we ordered the lenses only, then that weekend he broke his frames! The lenses have been in for one week but we can't put them in a broken frame and the new frame is on back-order. In another week or so he'll be in those new lenses and I'll be interested to see how it affects his walking.

Ever since those 7 electrodes were turned off he has been very good about leaving the coil on his head. He also seems to be hearing really well and will turn to his name even if you are down the hall and around a corner speaking to him. Something that really has his father and I excited is the fact that twice this week when his coil and ear piece fell off, he attempted to put it back on himself or handed it to one of us. THAT'S BIG! He must be starting to make the association and is also sending the message that he enjoys hearing.

We start up with a new PT next week and we are really excited to hear what she has to say about his walking. He hasn't been in PT for about 2 months and the timing is just right to get him back into it.

That's all I can think of for sleep deprived brain is especially taxed out today.


Drew's Mom said...

Wonderful News! I am so excited to hear about Ethan's progress. Who are you seeing at Columbus Speech and Hearing? I have heard great things about the therapist that works with all the CI kids - I hope it is her you are seeing!

How is Ethan doing with sleeping? And if you don't mind my asking, why do they think he doesn't sleep well? I don't know a lot about CMV - but am learning more since "meeting" Ethan!

Heather said...

Actually, his sleeping has improved tremendously in recent weeks. He still awakens about 3 times per night, but usually will go right back to sleep.

We've never been given a definitive answer for his sleep trouble, but I have read that many children with acid reflux suffer flare-ups at night and are not good sleepers as a result. I used to give him Mylanta in the middle of the night and sometimes that knocked him right out. Teething is another culprit.

I've always been inclined to believe that his sensory integration issues make it difficult for his body to regulate sleep cycles. His system doesn't know how to modulate all the sensory input that is coming in and he has a tough time winding down at the end of the day.

So much of what is going on with him is just a mystery, or a puzzle if you want to look at it that way.

Heather said...

Oh, and we will be seeing Laura Middleton. I requested her after hearing great things about her from somone I met on Ci Circle. I cannot wait to get him into a setting where they have experience to draw from. I am very interested in what they think of him as there is a sneaking suspicion among some of his docs that he could be apraxic. All the more reason to get him with experienced folks and not students. Although the students have been outstanding to date.

Drew's Mom said...

That's who I have heard wonderful things about! Keep us posted on how things go!

Eileen said...

Things sound like they are going in the right direction. He seems to be making gains in almost all areas and from the pictures, he looks like he is into everything and does not miss a trick. Glad the sleeping is getting better. That can be a tricky one, but sensory issues can definately play into that, in a big way. I think I asked you this before, but do you do the brushing?

Heather said...


We sort of brush. We were really good about it for awhile, then I started getting lazy about it and it fizzled. Our early intervention specialist told me that she thinks it's a good idea to take a couple of weeks off from it once in awhile, which made me feel okay about the temporary laziness. He is so hard to brush because he literally never stops moving. Talk about a pain in the hiny!