Saturday, May 05, 2007

Implant update

For those interested in the saga of Ethan's implant, here is the deal. We saw a rep from Cochlear Corp as well as the audiologist last week. The impedance test that had shown a few electrodes shorting out actually showed them working normally this time.


The Cochlear rep was very nice and sympathetic. She ran some tests that she explained to us rather well considering we were in electrical engineering territory. The chip just under his skin that functions as the transmitter and computer is working fine. Then we looked at a graph which shows levels of current running through each of the 22 electrodes. There were 6 that she decided were not running nearly enough current so those 6 were turned off.

We go back May 15 for a CT scan to get a better look. One week later (argh!) we see the surgeon to discuss everything. Ethan will be sedated for the CT. I hope we can get pictures of both sides of his head so the surgeon can see his other cochlea for a possible future bilateral implant.

For now, he is still taking off the magnet many times a day, but his balance seems fine and he's not throwing up on a regular basis. He has been vomiting though and I'm pretty sure it's his reflux. That's new territory for us as he has always been a "silent refluxer". It's teething time again and that always makes the reflux flare up.

I really don't want to make these trips to the hospital. We'll do what we have to do though.


Britt said...

its nice to know that ethans processor is working fine i was worried for a little bit and all those little electrode thingys i dont really understand about

Shiloh said...

I'm glad that you are finally getting some concrete answers about this. Ethan is a truly patient and easy-going kid. What a precious little boy you have. I love the gardening pics! It really looks like he is pushing the cart!