Monday, April 16, 2007

Progress Abounds!

I can't believe how well things are going in Ethan's world, I almost want to pinch myself to see if it's really happening. I mean, he is taking 2 hour naps! He is sleeping better at night! He is starting to walk with just one hand being held! He is starting to try new foods! He is saying the word "hot", his version is "hah!". He's making new vocalizations that we've never heard! He is signing more!

I don't think it's a mere coincidence that this is all happening the 3rd week into his new therapy. His occupational therapist is nothing short of outstanding. She knows her stuff and tirelessly makes Ethan good healthy foods to try. The brushing therapy has been known to help kiddos sleep better, and his improved sleeping comes on the heels of my committment to brush him on the recommended schedule, which is every 90-120 minutes. (I'll brush him every 10 minutes to keep up this sleeping thing!)

Can't wait to share more good news with everyone.


Eileen said...

Heather, I am so happy for you and Ethan! It sounds like he is really moving now and it is only going to continue. I totally agree with you about the brushing with sensory issues respond to it so well. We have a lot of kids at school who get brushing therapy during the day and have weighted vests and other si techniques. Most teachers have really come around, especially when they see the benefits in the children. I am so glad you are doing early intervention with Ethan, that will make such a big diff. It already is, as you can see. I just love the pictures you post, he is just so cute. He looks like he does not miss a trick and like he is just so much fun. Have a good night!

Drew's Mom said...

I am so happy to read of Ethan's progress. The hard work is really paying off. I am sure it is so exciting for you.