Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The New Blue

Click the picture to see full size

Here is a pic of E-boy in his groovy blue hearing aid. The ear mold is blue with green swirls! We are going to Cincinnati Children's tomorrow to see his audiologist.

Ethan wants to say "Shout out to Lisa, You are the BEST!"

We have a mapping session where we get new programs for Ethan's processor, plus we'll see how he hears (or not) with the hearing aid in the unimplanted ear.

Stay tuned....


Shiloh said...

Ethan is so cute! I am amazed that he wears the hearing aid. Isaac never liked wearing the aids...probably because he didn't get any benefit from them. Sorry about the lack of new pics and posts on Isaacs site. I am 8 months pregnant and have been a bit run down lately. I'll have to post something soon. My husband and I have thought about bi-laterals but have mixed feelings about them for Isaac. We kind of want to wait and let Isaac decide if he wants another one. Plus we have heard that within Isaac's lifetime they should be able to re-generate hair cells in the cochlea. It would be amazing if Isaac could someday have "natural" hearing. It is probably a shot in the dark, but we are waiting a bit. We have not and will not stop signing with Isaac. He is deaf and we want him to have the ability to sign. We still sign when we talk to him. I know there are debates, but we don't see his signing as hindering his verbal skills. I know I am a bit off topic, but we still plan on sending Isaac to the public school in our area that all the deaf kids go to. He will be mainstreamed somewhat, but we don't want him to be the only deaf child in his school. We want him to have other kids who are similar to him. I know this is a way down the road, but we still think about it. Are you considering bi-laterals for Ethan? I think they are a great idea for a number of reasons. We are just taking a "wait and see" approach with Isaac. Well, I've taken up enough space on your comments...Have a super day!

Eileen said...

Does Ethan try to take the hearing aid out or pull at it? I love the cool blue color. Such a beautiful picture, what a face!! Hope the doctor visit goes well.

Lisa said...

What a cutie! I can't wait to see him!