Tuesday, April 10, 2007

More feeding progress

Ethan has finally started feeding himself! He prefers to feed himself fancy blueberry and strawberry yogurt and just flings things like cereal or applesauce. Have a look at his fine hand-eye coordination skills. (Hint: move your mouse off of the picture once the video starts, that will move the play/pause bar from view.)

Did you like that little surprise at the end? Maybe I need to rethink my terminology and use words like "stinker"!


Anonymous said...

i think its cool that he is feeding himself now

Eileen said...

He is just too cute!! He really does a good job. Nothing like Trix yogurt to make you smile, my teen still love it.

misha said...

I could just eat ETHAN up!!!!!
I love watching the spoon zero in on his mouth without evn looking at it.