Monday, April 02, 2007

Everyone needs a little inspiration....

Or as is the case with this girl, a LOT of inspiration. This is our friend Zeva on her first day of walking. She is 3 months younger than Ethan and lives a stones throw away. They are great playmates and Ethan has quietly observed and learned from her over recent weeks.

I often find myself trying not to let anxiety creep in when it comes to all things Ethan, and his late walking is certainly no exception. He has been taking baby steps (usually supported) for months and sometimes it feels like he'll never get the balance to go at it alone.

Zeva was also a "late" walker (which these days is over a year old), not as late as E-boy, but she was carefully fine tuning her skills and waiting for the right moment to roll it out. She didn't want to just take off for the sake of taking off. When she started walking, she was good and ready and fast became a pro. I took comfort from watching her make those steps on her own good time. And Ethan is no different.

(yep, those are converse high tops she's wearing)

Last week, Ethan stood up next to Zeva, he just went from sitting to standing like it was no big thing. A week went by and we didn't see him do this again. Then today at Zeva's he was obsessed with standing and actually went from sitting to standing and even taking a few small steps, all unassisted. Zeva was right there in the middle of the action both times. He watches her and feels no pressure, but is reminded that he too can do this crazy vertical movement. Her easy going attitude sets the tone for him. It's got to be easier than the constant drone of my voice saying "Come on Ethan, you can do it!"

I'm hoping that in the months to come, Zeva and Ethan will continue to play well together, as I think she'll be a great language model for him. And she is starting to learn sign, so that too is very exciting stuff.

(What is secretly the *best* part of this whole relationship is the fact that Zeva has really cool parents that I especially enjoy hanging out with. I credit her momma (Adele) to helping me get through the winter doldrums, keeping my head ever so tilted on my shoulders.)


Britt said...

that is so sweet that ethan is learning to walk from a little girl even tho she is 3 months younger than him

Britt said...

she is a little cutie too