Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Don't know.

There have been some inquiries about Ethan's implant, so I'll try to address them here.

The short and tall of it is, we don't know. I guess no one knows. I can tell you that our audiologist is brilliant at what she does, and she has never seen this before with his particular brand and model of implant.

I'm tapped into a group online of over 1,240 parents of children with implants, and when I ask them anything at all I get great responses from lots of people. When I asked about this issue, I didn't get one single response. So I decided to ask again thinking that maybe they didn't receive my email. Still no response.

The good news is that we will be in Cincy on April 30th and a representative from Cochlear Corp. will be there to do an "integrity test" on Ethan's implant.

So...we'll keep you posted, but for now it's just a guessing game. I do know that Ethan has been taking his processor off many times today, which is incredibly unusual behavior for him. He is leaving his hearing aid alone as well as his glasses, it's just the processor that he wants to remove. I've read accounts of people who have experienced "soft failures" with their implants and they all describe static and annoying chirping sounds. Hopefully he's not going through that right now. It might explain why he has been incredibly grumpy for the past 2 days.

I'm fighting the grumpiness too, so I can't blame him. It's time to just focus on the blessings and not get hung up on what may or may not be wrong.

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