Monday, March 05, 2007

We'll miss you!

Today was a sad day, as you can see from Ethan's expression. He had to say goodbye to his speech therapist :-(

(the teething pain is getting unbearable too)

Erin is a graduate student at O.U. and has been the clinician working with Ethan since the very beginning of his journey to sound. She has been everything we could have asked for in a therapist and we've felt very blessed to have her along for the ride.

Erin is going out into the greater world beyond the clinic doors at O.U. and we wish her all the best on her adventure. I know for sure that she'll be a terrific therapist in any setting of her choice, but I hope that she ends up working with kids. Ethan loved her and she had a real knack for making him happy, not to mention the progress that he has made since working with her!

We'll have a new student to break in, and I'm sure she's good too. But we'll always have a special place in our memory for Erin.

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