Wednesday, March 14, 2007

No More Pity Party

Well, we're all feeling much better around here you'll be happy to know. Richard is feeling better at work, Ethan is getting through the teething, and I have had a taste of spring! Yesterday Ethan and I went to the park near our home where he made a handful of friends and had a great time in the sun. He went down the slide on his tummy and rode on the baby swings, sat under the pine trees and played with pine cones, and crawled around in the dirt and rocks.

Ethan and I also went swimming yesterday! We've joined a swim group that meets at the school for developmentally disabled children. They have an indoor heated pool and the group meets every Tuesday. Ethan is a big fan of water (it's one of his favorite signs too) so he was in heaven. His favorite part was watching the big boys jump in performing canonballs and splashing the rest of us in the pool, he literally screamed with delight everytime someone jumped in. It was nice for me to meet new moms and see other children who have a harder lot in life than E-boy, it puts things into perspective again. He has some obstacles, but nothing that is going to prevent him from having a high quality life. Not if his dad and I have anything to say about it!

Another item that really cheered me yesterday was the phone call from Marylee, the pediatric OT in Marietta. She evaluated Ethan last summer for sensory processing issues and is very excited to see us again and start working with Ethan on his oral motor problems. We really liked her and I was just overjoyed that we didn't get put on a waiting list. Getting directly into pediatric PT or OT without being put on a waiting list is really hitting the jack pot!

I never thought I'd be excited about Ethan having to add yet another therapy to his daily schedule. If there is a chance that she can help him get past his oral aversions, he could start eating like a normal child. He could start learning to use his mouth to make speech sounds. This could be the begining of a really positive change in Ethan's development. For that, I'll drive to Timbuktu if I have to.

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Britt said...

Looks like you all are in for yet anothe ride