Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The Latest

Ethan has been busy cutting teeth, starting the first phase of walking, and visiting various professionals involved in his long term care. wouldn't believe the overall havoc that has been wrought on Ethan's gums and bowels. Let's just say it has been ugly (and smelly) around here. Glad that's over. He's got at least 12 teeth now, there could be more, but I'm not willing to get a finger cut off to find out.

Walking...he is getting close. His balance gets better each day and he is gaining the confidence to practice more and more. He still prefers a crawl, and he's the fastest most agile crawler I've ever seen. Anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months and he'll be cruising around vertically.

Doctoring...well we just got home from Cincinnati Children's where we saw the amazing folks that are looking out for him. They are SO GOOD and they treat us with great care and respect. As often as we find ourselves there, that's an important distinction to make.

Developmental Report:

Dr. Wiley no longer believes that Ethan has cerebral palsy. That's the kind of news we like to hear! She's still concerned about his motor problems, but is pleased with the progress he continues to make. He's still about 4-6 months behind in the gross and fine motor area.

She's concerned about the oral motor issues and is recommending that we take him to an occupational therapist to work on that. She's also connected us with a speech pathologist at the hospital who is a guru in this area. His lack of consonent production has raised a mild concern, along with the oral motor difficulty he continues to have. He will be evaluated for potential Apraxia of speech, which we're not going to worry about yet. (Yeah, right) It's just best to be on top of this stuff as early on as possible. I feel like if anything, we've been excellent about that.

She increased the amount of melatonin he is able to take each night. We'd all still like to see lots more improvement in the sleeping.

We also talked about his sight. It seems to her that he is having depth perception difficulties. His right eye continues to turn out even though he has worn glasses for 2 months. In April we'll see the opthamologist and discuss corrective surgery. Ironically, one of the possible side effects of that surgery is a loss of depth perception. I need to learn more about this surgery. Hmm.. what else?

Oh, sign language! We were encouraged to continue exposing Ethan to more and more sign. He responds to it so well and it could make a big difference for him if he ends up having a slow progression to speech.

So that's what's up in Ethan's world (and mine, and Richard's).

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J. Robbins said...

How did you know your son had congenital CMV. I'm wondering if this is what may have caused my son's hearing loss. I was really sick in my 7th month along with my 2 year old daughter. So sick I had to have my mother come help me because I was so week and throwing up. My OBGYN just assumed it was the flu and never tested me or questioned it. Jack was tested for Ushers and Connoxin 26 and the both came back negative. I have always wondered if this is what it could have been. Is there a way of getting him tested. He is 5 now? Julie