Friday, January 26, 2007

Random thoughts

There isn't much "news" to report from Ethan's world, but a little update seems in order at this time. And I wanted to post this cute picture :-)

Ethan continues to amaze us by tolerating his glasses and generally leaving them alone. He pulls them off 3 or 4 times a day, usually with the goal of manipulating me into some sort of action. He must really like the view (despite the bite marks) through his new lenses.

Ethan is mastering the art of imitation, like most kids his age I suppose. He has been repeating vocal patterns on a pretty consistent basis. For instance, he sort of hums the pattern that he hears, if we say "bop bop bop", then he hums "mmm, mmm, mmm". It seems like a logical first step toward speech, but I've never seen a child do this, so I wonder if it's unique to the implant, or if hearing children start talking this way as well.

E-boy has learned how to protest by way of tantrum-like behavior. Luckily, there is only one way to induce this behavior, and it's fairly short lived. The boy loves his bath, so when you remove him from the tub you better prepared to manage some serious displeasure! I have to look away as I'm wrapping the towel around him, otherwise he might see me laughing and that wouldn't be good. I can't help it, his mad face is the cutest and funniest expression he has. Someday he's going to be sitting on a therapists couch, and all of his issues will come down to the fact that his mother forced him to wear tons of head gear and laughed at him whenever he was upset.


Isaac's Mom said...

Too cute! Ethan is adorable. Isaac loves bath time too. I must admit, the "mad" faces make me laugh too. Ian and I have become masters of turning our heads away from Isaac to talk about him (when he is in his bath and has the implant off) to laugh and make comments. I am sure it will only be a matter of time before Ethan and Isaac can read lips. I wanted to tell you... I don't know if it is unique to the implant or not, but Isaac also makes the mmmm mmmm sound a lot. He doesn't make the "d" or "b" sounds at all. Our speech therapist says that the d and b usually come before the mmm sounds, but I have a theory. Isaac made the "mmm" sound before his implant and I think it is because he could feel it. If you do it long enough, your lips tickle and you can feel the sound vibrations. It is just a theory, but maybe there is truth to it. I was wondering if any other parents had this experience with their implanted kids. Maybe I'll have to ask around. I love reading the updates on Ethan. Sounds like he is really progressing.

Laurie said...

He looks adorable! I love his "look" from the top of his glasses. Sounds like he is all boy! I enjoy reading your updates. . .keep writing!