Saturday, January 13, 2007

He Can See!

Here he is in his new glasses! (Just ignore the milk all over his shirt, please) To our amazement, he wears them for several hours at a time without many attempts at removing them. Yesterday was his first full day with glasses and he only pulled them off 2 times. It's tough keeping the implant on over the stem of the glasses, but it does actually work. He pulls the implant off more than the glasses at this point.

We are also amazed at how poor Ethan's vision has been. He is really hard of sight! When I hold up his glasses and look through them I can barely see. The prescription is very strong, much stronger than in my own glasses. No wonder he leaves them alone, he can finally see!

I'm looking forward to seeing if having this new and improved vision will help him with balance or fine motor skills. He hasn't learned to stand on his own yet and I would bet that part of the problem has been his inability to really focus. His fine motor skills have slipped over recent months, for instance, he can't put pegs in small holes on a peg board. He probably hasn't been able to see those holes!

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Isaac's Mom said...

What an adorable picture! He looks just like a little man! Too cute.