Wednesday, January 31, 2007

G.I. - Got Intestines?

This was taken in Aug., when Ethan was having the endoscopy and the impedence test done, to see what was going on in his tummy. The head wrap is covering 26 electrodes that were glued to his head for an EEG and sleep study. I love this picture because you can see him smiling through his pacifyer. Even with a probe down his throat, his essence shines through.

Here is Ethan getting his hair washed after the electrodes came off. He enjoyed it and charmed the nurses during the process.

So Today was G.I. Day for E-boy. It's too bad he's had to endure the pain, the tests, the meds, the inability to really enjoy food, the sleep deprivation, and the genral irritability that this has caused him. Yet despite all that crap, this little guy has such a sweet and fun little personality. That's a blessing.

The appointment went well, though we did miss our sidekick, "Aunt Penny". She has been through several Cincinnati visits with us and I always enjoy having someone with her attention to detail and intelligence to debrief each visit with. Especially big ones like this one.

Ethan is doing great, no changes were made to his meds or the doses. We're going to split up the prevacid and give him some at night in the hopes that he will sleep better. The doc suspects that reflux has been waking him up at night, and I hope he's right and we can manage it to a level that allows him (well, both of us) to sleep more than 2 hours at a time.

I also had the good fortune of speaking to a nutrionist, an unplanned and much needed experience. I'll spare you those details, except to say that Ethan is not considered a case that they would describe as "failure to thrive", in spite of the fact that he's at the 3rd percentile for weight. We all agreed that he started out small (4 lbs.) and it will take time to catch up.

{Related Tidbit} - the speech therapist has been working with him on oral motor/feeding issues, i.e. fascinating!


Karen said...

What a cutie!

Thanks for the blog visit and the kind compliment!

Isaac's Mom said...

What a trooper. I can't belive that Ethan is so happy in the pics! He sure is a tolerant little guy.

Anonymous said...

hey i cant believe all the stuff he has been through i guess u can say hes another tough cookie and he will always remind u of me lol
this comment is from brittany