Friday, January 19, 2007

Emily and Ethan

Just wanted to post this adorable picture of Emily taking care of her little cousin Ethan. Every time Ethan's implant fell off his ear (which is all the time when he's moving) his cousin was there to secure it for him. She's as sweet as she is beautiful.

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J. Robbins said...

Thanks for checking out my blog on Jack. Your son is a cutie pie also!!!! You have questions regaring Oral motor and I have to tell you I am seeing so improvement, but now great as of yet. Jack says some words perfectly and strangers understand them. But, he still substitutes b's and p's with k's and t's. His oral motor told us that Jack has not built up muscles on one side of his jaw very well and that his tounge was lacking feeling along with his top lip strength. Jack never showed many simptoms which still boggles me. He was never a druller and he never had a problem with textures. He did stuff his mouth full...and I mean cram food in his mouth. That was it, and I just thought it was regular kids stuff, I was wrong. I will keep updating regarding Jack so keep checking back. Congratulations on your exciting journey, your son is going to do GREAT!!! Best, Julie