Monday, January 15, 2007

Ball Pit Mania!

This is Ethan with his physical therapist, having about as good of a time as I think he's ever had! He's wearing the Benik body suit, but I didn't get any good shots of the bottom half. As soon as we get to PT Ethan crawls his fastest to get to that ball pit. The pit is supposed to be a sensory stimulating environment, and it obviously seems to make him happy. He can't get enough!

His PT's say that physically he has made huge strides. They are very pleased with how he has progressed, so now the focus is on his sensory processing issues. Between the cochlear implant and the new glasses he is experiencing a sensory explosion. The Benik suit is something that we've only been wearing in the evening, in the hopes that it will help settle his nervous system which never seems to regulate itself very effectively. We're also using melatonin before bed each night. He's been sleeping much better lately, which makes everyone happy!


Isaac's Mom said...

Hi Heather!
I love the pics! Ethan looks so happy. I am so inspired by your strength in this journey. It is obvious that there is much love in your family. In the pic with Ethan and his glasses, it looks like he is pointing at his glasses..."Look how cool they are!" Isaac points to his ear when he hears something too. It is amazing to witness. The other day Isaac was helping me put soda cans in the refrigerator and he pointed to his ear because he heard the cans banging against each other as he put them on the shelf. I really took that sound for granted. Our children really teach us so much!

Drew's Mom said...

So glad to see the progress that Ethan is making. I love the glasses. He is such a cute little boy.

Keep the updates coming. Hopefully we'll be able to meet some day!

carrie said...

Hey Heatha!

The pictures of Ethan in the ball pit are fantastic. Yes, there is no denying he's having a great time!

That is so awesome that the eye doctor lady was right about him leaving the glasses alone because they are so helpful.

I remember I needed them when I was at least 8 but the eye doctor thought I was putting it on, when I finally got them at 11 the gal say "Oh my this is your first pair?!?" and I kept taking them off and putting them on to compare my sights, finally one the neighbor moms said, "Just leave them alone so your eyes can adjust!" oh yeah!

Keep the posts coming.
Have a great day!