Monday, December 11, 2006


We just opened the letter of approval from BCMH (Bureau of Children with Medical Handicaps)! They pay for cochlear implant surgery! We can get Ethan another implant! He will hear from both ears! Yes, we're freaking out here and will continue to do so for quite some time. Our dream for him has always been to go bilateral with the implants and hear as closely to normal as possible. Kids with 2 implants are wildly successful and do so much better in noisy situations, like cafeterias, gymnasiums, even classrooms. This could do wonders for his daily hearing.

This news came at a great time as I'm taking Ethan to see the surgeon this week on Wednesday. Rich cannot make it, but Aunt Penny is going and she is great at making mental notes. I plan to tell him about our approval and discuss getting the ball rolling ASAP. Wow!

As for Ethan's progress, his deaf teacher was here today and said that he has surpassed all expectations that she had for him at this point. We are always pointing to our ear and saying "I hear that, do you hear that?", so now he points to his ear (well his head) when he hears things. Lately he has pointed to say "I hear that" when the phone rings. Now he even points to the phone itself, which means he's not only detecting sound, he's locating it. That's HUGE!

I have to go hug someone, I'm too thrilled to sit here and type. What a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!


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Drew's Mom said...


I was looking at your blog and realized that you and I were at Cincinnati Children's for the day long testing the same day! What a crazy world. I met Dr. Wiley that day. I really like her!

We have been really impressed by Cincinnati Children's. I hope that we can talk in the future and maybe even have our two children meet. Drew is a little behind Ethan age wise, but I'm sure they will be great CI buddies!

Take care, Jenny